Alegría Soil Partners is developing a “soil elixir” that can amend soils that are deficient from over extraction and under biotic stress from pesticide, fungicide and herbicide use.  We have assembled a leading team of soil professionals and are embarking on an ambitious program to heal soils of all types to return them back to their healthy, thriving state.  This requires testing and analysis to determine how we can best “rebalance” the relationship between a diverse microbial soil population, the minerals and carbon-based amendments and bio-stimulants they need to flourish.

Our first project will be to increase soil organic matter on an adjacent field that has been sprayed with herbicides to control weeds. We have developed an elixir that we will apply on two 1/4-acre plots, one a control the other a parcel employing our elixir.  A cover crop(s) will be applied to both as well to help sequester carbon.  The data will be collected in the spring to determine how much we have increased the efficacy of the treated parcel as compared to the control. We’ll keep you posted!

Here’s an article that describes how Nature really works regarding carbon sequestration. Once you read this, you will understand the direct benefit to human health that biologically-rich balanced soil provides. It’s all in Nature’s perfect design.