What We Do

Soil is, and has always been, our human connection to the natural world.  Many of us have forgotten that critical factoid. And even more important in today’s mixed up environment, we lost sight that carbon-rich food is the transport system for the light (biophotons) that we all run on.

According to recent studies, humans may have only 60 harvests left due to the degradation of Earth’s most critical resource, soil.  Specifically, the toxification and destruction of the billions of microbes in the soil that ultimately protect us from disease are being decimated, creating generations of humans that are no longer resilient. And the worst part is we don’t feel good.

In the Flathead Valley outside Kalispell, Montana, smack in the middle of some of the richest farmland in the country, Team Alegría is busy building its first Regenerative Health Center, complete with an urban ag Training Institute, our Alegría World Kitchen and Alegría Soil Partners, a venture consisting of the best minds designed to heal soil so that we can produce and consume healthy plants that heal our bodies.

To thrive, we need clean air, water, and healthy soil to defend ourselves against the pandemic rise in auto-immune diseases. The Heritage farmlands of NW Montana provide the perfect opportunity to produce superfoods and take advantage of the rich soil, clean air and abundance of fresh clean water and open space. These unspoiled areas also lend themselves perfectly to a total immersion in Nature where you can experience unfettered freedom and get to know yourself again in a quiet setting. We call it the “great exhale”.

For over a decade, Alegría Fresh has been a leading pioneer in developing the world’s finest biologically-rich soils, amending deficient soils and employing zero waste, carbon negative food production systems. Over the last twelve years, the company has assembled a team of leading biochemists, agronomists, mineral companies, natural compost producers, integrated physicians, and regenerative chefs to lead our mission to change the conversation surrounding food.

Our mission is to totally disrupt the conversation surrounding food by telling the truth and providing the tools. That is what we have always done and we are assembling a small highly mobile army of caring professionals that wake up every morning to make a difference. You can be sure we are pushing the envelope to assist people to heal themselves in a natural, healing way, just as Mother Nature designed it from the beginning. It’s our turn.